Planning A Charity Fundraising Event? Here’s How You Can Use Custom Wristbands To Raise More Money

If you are planning to hold a charity fundraising event this year, it helps if you can incorporate some creative ideas to help make more money and to keep the event fun and lively. One upcoming trend which you can borrow, and one that has been tried and tested in the past, is that of using custom wristbands. Custom wristbands can be manufactured in any colour you want and can also feature designs, logos or wording of your choice. You can use these at your fundraiser in a number of ways.

charity fundraising

Give a complimentary wristband to all contributors

You can choose to give free complimentary rubber wrist bands to those who will attend the fundraiser or those who will contribute money. This simple gesture is geared as a way to encourage people to contribute money. It works by psychologically offering some form of instant gratification to those who give, i.e. they give money and they get something back in return. A complimentary wristband also serves as a thank you to show appreciation to contributors.

Sell wristbands as an entry requirement into the fundraising venue

Some people also choose to sell wrist bands during their charity fundraising event. All attendees have to buy at least one band as they make their way into the venue. This is usually a clever way to raise a little money that goes into paying for the hired venue and possibly any drinks or snacks that will be provided during the event. In some cases, the money can also go towards footing any transport costs required to set up the event. This way, all the money raised via contributions later on will go to the actual cause without deducting any expenses.

Provide wristbands to show different tier of contribution

Another idea is to give contributors wrist bands to show and to recognise the different levels of contributions made. For example, those that contribute 1- 1000 dollars can get white wristbands, those that contribute 1001-5000 can get blue wristbands, those that contribute 5001-10000 can get red wristbands, and so forth. This can even encourage people to contribute more so as to get more recognition.

Sell the wristbands to the public as a way to fundraise

You can also approach your charity fundraising efforts by selling custom wristbands to the general public. For this, you’ll need to make a large order from a wristband factory. The money raised by selling the bands nationwide will then go towards the cause at hand. If a few thousand people buy the bands, that could translate into some decent amount of money. You can even spur more contributions by having different types of wristbands, all priced differently for those who would like to contribute more. You can sell these online, at other events or out in the streets.

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